07 May, 2013

James Baxter the Horse - Episode Review

Hello there adventurers! I'd like to make a review for this episode but there's a slight problem: there really isn't much to review.

I won't lie to you, this episode was pretty bad. The only interesting thing is at the beginning where we have Beemo carrying around an egg in a cup and then dropping it. We see the little guy crying so much, I laughed really hard, but felt bad at the same time. Then I felt even more bad that I laughed at him. Beemo hasn't had much luck this season, we see him crying quite often.

Dancing with the egg
Crying after dropping it

Finn and Jake try to cheer him up but fail miserably and then James Baxter the Horse comes by, a creepy horse who balances on a beach ball and keeps saying his name in a horse voice. Apparently, this cheers everyone up. How a creepy horse doing one thing over and over could cheer you up, I have no idea.

Finn and Jake try to copy him, then try to find their own thing to cheer up people, pretty much absolutely nothing happens until the end, there's a monster battle that they end up losing and James Baxter shows up once again, cheers the monster up with the same creepy trick and saves Finn and Jake.

To summarize, the episode reminds me of season one, but in a bad way. As far as the lack of action and a real plot, it may be even worse than Card Wars (I know that's not a season one episode). I'd really don't like being too harsh, but with only a few noteworthy episodes this season and a bunch of average ones, this one can't get more than 4/10. With only a few episodes remaining, I hope they improve the overall feeling of season 5.