07 May, 2013

James Baxter the Horse - Episode Review

Hello there adventurers! I'd like to make a review for this episode but there's a slight problem: there really isn't much to review.

I won't lie to you, this episode was pretty bad. The only interesting thing is at the beginning where we have Beemo carrying around an egg in a cup and then dropping it. We see the little guy crying so much, I laughed really hard, but felt bad at the same time. Then I felt even more bad that I laughed at him. Beemo hasn't had much luck this season, we see him crying quite often.

Dancing with the egg
Crying after dropping it

Finn and Jake try to cheer him up but fail miserably and then James Baxter the Horse comes by, a creepy horse who balances on a beach ball and keeps saying his name in a horse voice. Apparently, this cheers everyone up. How a creepy horse doing one thing over and over could cheer you up, I have no idea.

Finn and Jake try to copy him, then try to find their own thing to cheer up people, pretty much absolutely nothing happens until the end, there's a monster battle that they end up losing and James Baxter shows up once again, cheers the monster up with the same creepy trick and saves Finn and Jake.

To summarize, the episode reminds me of season one, but in a bad way. As far as the lack of action and a real plot, it may be even worse than Card Wars (I know that's not a season one episode). I'd really don't like being too harsh, but with only a few noteworthy episodes this season and a bunch of average ones, this one can't get more than 4/10. With only a few episodes remaining, I hope they improve the overall feeling of season 5.

06 May, 2013

Toy Review - Finn's Sword

Hey there, Adventure Time fans! There's been a lack of toy talk around here lately, so here's a nice toy review to get us back on track. This time I'll be reviewing one of  the most mathematical things you could get for your toy collection - Finn's gold sword, aka Scarlet.

I remember first seeing the sword in the show and I thought how epic it looks with all the dents and dings it had. A true adventurer's sword that displays the toll of adventuring on it's blade. This replica captures the battered spirit beautifully and looks like it's been to hell and back. This makes it perfect for cosplaying Finn, when paired with the right backpack and hat.

The sword is entirely made out of plastic and is light  when carrying around. Despite it's light weight it's quite sturdy and getting hit with it can hurt quite a bit (I've tested that on my older brother). It looks quite well made and durable, so you don't have to worry about it breaking when you're out slaying monsters.

With all the other generic toy swords available on the market, this one seems like it's among the better ones. Whether you're getting this sword for yourself to play or pretending it's for your child, it's definitely a good choice. You can get it from Amazon for $17.99.

30 April, 2013

Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake #1-4

Hello everyone, I recently got myself the first four issues of the Fionna and Cake comic mini-series, written and drawn by Natasha Allegri, the creator of Fionna and Cake. Since there's no new episode this week, I'll take the time to review the comics.

Not being a regular comic fan, and with all the mixed reviews of previous AT comics, I was quite sceptical before giving this comic a try. That's why I waited four months, but being a huge fan of the gender-bent universe (as we all are, aren't we?), I decided that I should give it a chance.

First thing I noticed, characters are a bit different than their non-gender-bent counterparts. We knew that from the Fionna and Cake episodes, but it's even more obvious here. Ice Queen is ruthless and extremely evil, freezing little fire cubs for no apparent reason. Flame Prince seems good, rather than evil like the Flame Princess (even though there's quite a discussion if she is, in fact, evil. I think that she is). Also, the backstories of characters are different. Flame Prince is a feral boy who was never kept locked in a lantern and everyone can touch him safely. Fionna is a bit more timid than Finn and Cake seems outright crazy at times, just like a cat should look.

Marshall Lee, being a huge favourite with lots of fangirls, seemed nothing like the Marshall Lee we know from "Bad Little Boy". He seems a bit clueless and confused. I guess it's because the fanfiction in "Bad Little Boy" was written by Marceline, who on purpose made him look more badass than Ice King makes him look in this one. Another parallel with this, Prince Gumball looks much less uptight than in Marceline's fanfiction. It is also shown that he's a baker, rather than a scientist. However, his baking seems to have the same effects as PB's experiments.

Spoiler warning: Similarly to the "What was Missing" episode, issue #3 has an implication of a possible romantic relationship between Marshall Lee and Prince Gumball. Or, that's how it seems at first, but then it turns out it was just your and Cake's dirty imagination. :) However, it's done in a completely opposite way than in the TV show - PG and ML get along pretty well and even have a "boys' night" without Fionna. End of spoiler.

The plot is a little bit chaotic and jumps all around the place from issue to issue. It may look better if you read them with some time apart, but since I read all four in less then 15 minutes, that's the impression I got. Despite this, it is far from boring. It may not be as awesome as original Fionna and Cake episodes, but I got a few good laughs and they kept me decently entertained. The biggest downside is, in my opinion, that they are way too short. As I said, It took me about 3-4 minutes for each issue, but, in the comic's defence, I am a really fast reader.

Each issue has a guest comic at the end, but I found them to be far less interesting.

Issue #4 features Lumpy Space Prince in his own adventure. If you are an LSP fan, you are going to love it. I'm not going to go in too many details, I'll just say that it reminded me to the "Loyalty to the King" episode. Also, the cover looks a lot like the cover of "The Great Getsby".

So, is this comic mini-series worth your time and money? I'd as it is. It is funny and entertaining and allows us more insight into the Fionna and Cake world. I'd give it a 7/10 and recommend you to read it. You can order your copies from Amazon by clicking on this link.

Thanks for reading and stay mathematical, my friends! :)

26 April, 2013

Gunter - THE cutest character in Adventure Time


I said in an earlier post that I think Beemo is the no.2 cutest character on the show. Well, it's time to talk about the cutest one - Gunter.

First of all, since Gunter laid an egg in "The Chamber of Frozen Blades", I believe that Gunter is a girl. Also, in "Princess Monster Wife" we saw that there are many Ice King's penguins and all have Gunter-like names. I believe that there is one main Gunter and that it's him (I know I said he's a girl, but I'm too used to calling him a "him") whom we're seeing most of the time.

Back when I started watching Adventure Time, I wasn't watching regularly and missed out on a few episodes. The first episode I really noticed Gunter was "It Came from the Nightosphere" where he met Hunson Abadeer. The following scene instantly made Gunter my favourite character:

Yup, our cute little penguin is so badass, not even the mighty and super evil Hunson Abadeer can't compare with him. I wonder if this means that Gunter doesn't have a soul, or is resistant to soul sucking. Anyway, the little guy stole my heart that day and has been my favourite character since then.

Of course, I gathered quite a few Gunters over time. I have one made by Jazwares, a couple of hand-made ones I ordered from around the internet, and I also have a shirt with all the Gunters (they look the same, but still, I find it nice). Again, like with Beemo, there are lots of phone covers, but none for my phone.

In the end, I can summarize the reasons for the Gunter-love: I'm a sucker for cute characters and for evil characters and Gunter is a perfect combination of both. Thanks for reading and until next time, byee. :)

23 April, 2013

New episode review - Princess Potluck

Hello there, adventurers! New episode is here, and once again it's the Ice King who gets the most screen time.

I usually don't like to watch previews of episodes because I feel they spoil way too much. That way I get super surprised, for example with A Glitch is a Glitch - I had no idea what was coming and it blew my mind far more than it would if I was expecting it. However, I did read the synopsis for this episode and it seemed to me at first like a standard "Ice King steals princesses episode" that we used to have back in the day.

The plot is really simple: Ice King didn't get invited to a party and now wants to crash it. He has all these silly little plans and none of them works. One was dressing up Gunter as a princess and she looked soo adorable in her little sock dress. He also made his own party with snowmen (which sounded like they're dying) and Gunterina, cute little penguin with a bow. I thought the funniest was when he called the banana guards to bust the party, acted out an entire conversation and switched hats every time he changed voices. In the end, it turned out the Ice King was actually invited and they even let him stay at the party, even though he tried to ruin it.

This episode seems to happen at the same time BMO Noire does. Jake has silly make-up all over his face and Finn has a foot rash for walking around without a sock, just like they had at the start of BMO Noire when they were heading out. Another episode connection is the squirrel from The Duke who shows up at the end of the episode.

I thought the episode was pretty funny. It wasn't one of thoese story-heavy episodes like we had recently, just nice and relaxed comedy. I smiled troughout the entire episode, watching Ice King do his silly "evil" plots which end up harmless. It's nice to see them change it up a bit. I give the episode an 8/10.

Thanks for reading! :)

20 April, 2013


Who wants to play videogames?

BMO is, in my opinion, the second cutest character on the show. I'm not going to tell you which one I find the cutest yet, it'll be a mystery for now. :) I didn't pay much attention to it (pretty much like how Finn and Jake don't), other than an occasional thought of how adorable it looks, until it's first featured episode, BMO Noire. I really loved his little detective adventure, it reminded me of my childhood and how I used to play. I was an only child with overworking parents and that meant a lot of alone time at home for me. I pretty much saw myself in that episode.

And this week's episode, BMO Lost, is what gave me an idea to write about BMO. I read a lot of fan reviews of the episode and many thought it was boring or bad. Well, I didn't. I don't think it was as good as BMO Noire, but it was really nice, with BMO going on another little adventure. Also, it tripping on every few steps was priceless.

Anyway, if you're into the do it yourself stuff, here's a cardboard BMO. I don't know who made it or how, I found it on the Adventure Time Wikia, you can ask the person who uploaded the picture if he made it if you want to make one like it. Luckily for us lazy people, there are already pre-made toys that we can buy. No Adventure Time toys collection is complete without a BMO toy! You can get one here. Also, there are literally dozens of Beemo phone covers that you can get for your phone. Unfortunately, none for my phone. :(
Until next time, stay mathematical my friends. :)

19 April, 2013

Starting out

Hello, Adventure Time Fans! I'm here to share my knowledge with you on everything Adventure Time related. I am a long-time fan and collector of toys and other goodies. It all started half way during season one when I tried to make myself out of cardboard a yellow dented sword like Finn had.

finn's first sword
Remember this awesome thing?

Considering my astonishing crafting skills, it ended in a disaster. My entire room was filled with cardboard pieces and yellow paint and the sword didn't even look like a sword. It looked like something that mice chewed on. All was not lost as I decided to go online and purchase myself an official Adventure Time sword.

I waited for a few days but it felt like months and when it finally arrived, I took this picture of it. That was my first Adventure Time toy and the rest is history. I don't even know how many of them I have now. I lost count. And a lot of money buying them. :)

Anyway, that's it for my opening blog post. I hope I'll get some readers in the future and some comments as well. 'Till next time! :)