20 April, 2013


Who wants to play videogames?

BMO is, in my opinion, the second cutest character on the show. I'm not going to tell you which one I find the cutest yet, it'll be a mystery for now. :) I didn't pay much attention to it (pretty much like how Finn and Jake don't), other than an occasional thought of how adorable it looks, until it's first featured episode, BMO Noire. I really loved his little detective adventure, it reminded me of my childhood and how I used to play. I was an only child with overworking parents and that meant a lot of alone time at home for me. I pretty much saw myself in that episode.

And this week's episode, BMO Lost, is what gave me an idea to write about BMO. I read a lot of fan reviews of the episode and many thought it was boring or bad. Well, I didn't. I don't think it was as good as BMO Noire, but it was really nice, with BMO going on another little adventure. Also, it tripping on every few steps was priceless.

Anyway, if you're into the do it yourself stuff, here's a cardboard BMO. I don't know who made it or how, I found it on the Adventure Time Wikia, you can ask the person who uploaded the picture if he made it if you want to make one like it. Luckily for us lazy people, there are already pre-made toys that we can buy. No Adventure Time toys collection is complete without a BMO toy! You can get one here. Also, there are literally dozens of Beemo phone covers that you can get for your phone. Unfortunately, none for my phone. :(
Until next time, stay mathematical my friends. :)