23 April, 2013

New episode review - Princess Potluck

Hello there, adventurers! New episode is here, and once again it's the Ice King who gets the most screen time.

I usually don't like to watch previews of episodes because I feel they spoil way too much. That way I get super surprised, for example with A Glitch is a Glitch - I had no idea what was coming and it blew my mind far more than it would if I was expecting it. However, I did read the synopsis for this episode and it seemed to me at first like a standard "Ice King steals princesses episode" that we used to have back in the day.

The plot is really simple: Ice King didn't get invited to a party and now wants to crash it. He has all these silly little plans and none of them works. One was dressing up Gunter as a princess and she looked soo adorable in her little sock dress. He also made his own party with snowmen (which sounded like they're dying) and Gunterina, cute little penguin with a bow. I thought the funniest was when he called the banana guards to bust the party, acted out an entire conversation and switched hats every time he changed voices. In the end, it turned out the Ice King was actually invited and they even let him stay at the party, even though he tried to ruin it.

This episode seems to happen at the same time BMO Noire does. Jake has silly make-up all over his face and Finn has a foot rash for walking around without a sock, just like they had at the start of BMO Noire when they were heading out. Another episode connection is the squirrel from The Duke who shows up at the end of the episode.

I thought the episode was pretty funny. It wasn't one of thoese story-heavy episodes like we had recently, just nice and relaxed comedy. I smiled troughout the entire episode, watching Ice King do his silly "evil" plots which end up harmless. It's nice to see them change it up a bit. I give the episode an 8/10.

Thanks for reading! :)