26 April, 2013

Gunter - THE cutest character in Adventure Time


I said in an earlier post that I think Beemo is the no.2 cutest character on the show. Well, it's time to talk about the cutest one - Gunter.

First of all, since Gunter laid an egg in "The Chamber of Frozen Blades", I believe that Gunter is a girl. Also, in "Princess Monster Wife" we saw that there are many Ice King's penguins and all have Gunter-like names. I believe that there is one main Gunter and that it's him (I know I said he's a girl, but I'm too used to calling him a "him") whom we're seeing most of the time.

Back when I started watching Adventure Time, I wasn't watching regularly and missed out on a few episodes. The first episode I really noticed Gunter was "It Came from the Nightosphere" where he met Hunson Abadeer. The following scene instantly made Gunter my favourite character:

Yup, our cute little penguin is so badass, not even the mighty and super evil Hunson Abadeer can't compare with him. I wonder if this means that Gunter doesn't have a soul, or is resistant to soul sucking. Anyway, the little guy stole my heart that day and has been my favourite character since then.

Of course, I gathered quite a few Gunters over time. I have one made by Jazwares, a couple of hand-made ones I ordered from around the internet, and I also have a shirt with all the Gunters (they look the same, but still, I find it nice). Again, like with Beemo, there are lots of phone covers, but none for my phone.

In the end, I can summarize the reasons for the Gunter-love: I'm a sucker for cute characters and for evil characters and Gunter is a perfect combination of both. Thanks for reading and until next time, byee. :)